Summer Session: June 12 – August 2 


Class Ages Day Time Price
Beginner   #1
6-13 yr. olds Mondays 5:00-6:30pm $66.00 if registered by June 5th       $76.00 if registered after June 5th
Intermediate  6-13 yr. olds Mondays 6:45-7:45pm $66.00 if registered by June 5th     $76.00 if registered after June 5th
Tykes 3-5 yr. olds Wednesdays 4:00-4:45pm $66.00 if registered by June 5th     $76.00 if registered after June 5th
Beginner #2 6-13 yr. olds Wednesdays  5:00-6:30pm $66.00 if registered by June 5th   $76.00 if registered after June 5th

Tykes Gymnastics

This class for 3-5 year old’s will focus on the beginning skills for gymnastics. This class is designed to introduce the 4 pieces of apparatus that are used in regular gymnastics. Fundamental skills, including forward rolls, jumping, swinging, balancing, will be introduced in this class, which will be taught using various learning stations. 


Beginner Gymnastics

The beginner gymnastics class will learn basic skills on vault, bars, beam and floor. Each child will learn the fundamentals needed to progress to the intermediate class. Main areas of focus include forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstand development, pullovers on bars,walks and posture on beam, safe jumping and landing techniques and balance. Every class includes areas that help develop flexibility, strength, endurance and body control.


Intermediate Gymnastics

In order to participate in the intermediate class, the student must have either passed the beginner class or have approval from the instructor. The student works to develop strength and flexibility and learn to master the skills on the balance beam, uneven bars, floor and vault. In this program there is a strong focus on mastering basic skills and learning connections of skills on each apparatus.


Tumbling Team 

This class will begin in September. Team is offered to students who are ready to move forward and begin competing locally.  The main focus will be on developing strength, flexibility, and reinforcing the proper body positions to perform complex tumbling skills and learn to perform routines. Fee includes the basic competitions. Additional state competition fees will be assessed if the team makes it to state.

If you are interested in a payment plan you will need to register in person at the Bridgeview Park District.

Gymnasts are required to be enrolled in Beginner or Intermediate Gymnastics in order to be eligible for team. There will be additional fees for team leotards and bags.


Class Policy
  • Bathroom Breaks: Parents are responsible for taking their child to the bathroom before class. Coaches cannot leave class to take children to the bathroom.
  • Make Up Policy: All classes that are canceled by the Bridgeview Park District will be made up at the park discretion. There are no individual make up classes offered.
  • Watching Classes: Parents are allowed in the gym for only the first and last class of the session. This is for the safety of the children and the coaches.